Echovate for Admissions

Research shows that people with strong social intelligence are more likely to succeed than those with high IQ’s (academic performance) or relevant experience.

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The core decision criteria for college admissions are still based on academic performance augmented with personal essays.  This is incredibly time consuming for an already overloaded department struggling to meet tuition & revenue goals while providing a personalized experience.  This methodology does not correlate to success as evidenced with a significant retention & turnover issue.  This ‘academic performance’ only approach also creates bias and widens the divide between lower-income and higher-income students.


Value the whole individual and expand decision criteria to recognize all their abilities. Admissions departments can chose to make Echovate™ required or an optional component of the application process gathering valuable social intelligence data on every applicant.  This not only aligns with improved retention, it also saves valuable screening time for an already overwhelmed admissions team. Search, source and engage with students that meet your success criteria, opening up an entirely new data set for which to interact with prospective students and make critical decisions.

Move beyond just academic performance

Recognize individuality and strengths of a person. See how they will fit at your institution. Learn about their life experiences. Understand how they will contribute to the campus culture. Search for prospective applicants.

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The positive impacts of Echovate are realized across the entire institution

Retention and Engagement

Diversity & Access

Financial Aid

Recruitment Marketing


Alumni Engagement