Echovate for Employers

Echovate™ holds workforce & outcome data making the link between students and employers accessible. Individuals and institutions use Echovate to improve employability post graduation.

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Employers struggle to identify and engage with college students looking for their first post-graduation job opportunity. These graduates lack ‘real world’ work experience as a result of their dedication to attaining a degree.


Employers discover individuals that are aligned to their culture and company fit and have the ability to nurture the relationship pre-graduation to optimize placement post-graduation. HR departments can search, source and engage with students that meet their success criteria, opening up an entire new data set for which to find prospective candidates.

Find your diamond in the rough

Echovate holds the data on student’s social intelligence, predicting how they will fit in your organization, where they will be most successful and why. You have the power to nurture prospective candidates before they graduate in a meaningful and efficient way.

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Great Companies Use Echovate™

“By leveraging workforce science, predictive analytics and data, Echovate delivers fact based insights to improve the talent selection and people management process - producing a measurable impact on overall company performance. In other words, a game-changer.”

Steve Pogorzelski, CEO of Avention

The positive impacts of Echovate for employers

Retention and Engagement

Diversity & Access

Fit & Culture Alignment

Recruitment Marketing

Reduced Turnover

Passive Candidates