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Predictive cloud solution out of the box for emerging growth companies.

Our patent-pending science and algorithms do the work for you- in real time from any device. We can tell you if a candidate will fit (before you even talk to them). Check out our 80 second explainer video to see how it works:



3 easy steps to predictive talent selection. Easy to understand reporting. Awesome service and support.


Unlimited candidates with no setup fees or implementations needed.


Average sales increase of 67%. Understand culture alignment and eliminate money wasting bad hires.


Our Short Story

Echovate is leading the next generation of predictive, data-driven talent selection. We are entrepreneurs that set out to build a product and company that rivals the most sophisticated corporate talent intelligence software.

  • Predictive
  • Legally Compliant
  • Secure & Scalable
  • Cloud Based
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use

Beautiful Design

We know that your day is full of many other things beyond hiring. So we built an elegant, beautifully designed and simple to understand platform.

Through a simple score and actionable narrative- we understand
 what core attributes a candidate must possess to succeed in a specific
position. Further, we map this candidate against the ‘company DNA’ to understand how they will fit into your culture.
When a candidate completes the Echovate process a detailed, easy to understand report is ready in real time accessible from any device.
Our intuitive design is meant to make your life easier and more awesome. We also recognize that a positive candidate experience is a positive impact on your employment brand.


Data points per candidate


Simple report


Avg. Yearly Sales Growth


Useful Benefits


Based on a combination of job fit, cultural fit, and a variety of other proprietary data driven factors.


Easy to understand candidate narrative describing their strengths and trouble areas.

Core Platform

A breakdown of the core attributes that will define success and how each candidate scored.

Turnover Forecast

Understand the estimated tenure of your new hire.

Unlimited Candidates

Built to be used upfront in the hiring process across all candidates.

Community Insights

Make improved hiring decisions through aggregated data turned into actionable information.


Explore Screenshots

Easy to Understand

No Ph.D. required, no interpretation necessary

3-Step Setup

Ready in minutes, no setup fee

Awesome Support

Answers when you need them, with a smile


No installation needed, available from any device in the universe


Fully compliant and wicked secure

Improves the Bottom Line

Our product adds real value that the CFO understands


Amazing Journey

Any business leader is in the people business (no matter what industry) and people are the backbone that determines company success. Our belief is that every business should have access to the type of tools and data that are utilized by the most respected and successful brands in the world. So we started Echovate to empower emerging growth companies.

The name- A blend between echo-location (feedback) and root word ‘vate’ (innovate, motivate, cultivate) meaning to move forward. Echovate™- through feedback a business leader can make forward movement.


Leadership & Advisors

Matthew Gough

Chief Echovator
Tim Wolf

VP of Engineering
Jesse Harriott, Ph.D.

Chief Analytics Officer at Constant Contact. Former Chief Knowledge Officer at
Steve Pogorzelski

CEO of Avention, Former President @ Monster, Founder/ CEO @ClickFuel
Dan Walker

Human Capital Rebel, Builder of Great Companies. Former Chief Talent Officer Apple, Gap, JC Penney.
Bryan Wempen

Entrepreneur, Assessment CEO, Speaker, Thug Metrics Media
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