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Meet Echovate

By leveraging workforce science, predictive analytics and data, we deliver fact based insights to improve the talent selection and people management process- producing a measurable impact on overall company performance.

In the cloud and real time, we generate a score on a scale of 1-100. This score represents a person’s potential to succeed in a specific position and in a specific company environment. A similar approach to how financial institutions make credit decisions.

Welcome to Improved Talent Selection

Predictive Hiring

Echovate™ helps you understand if a candidate will be a good fit for a specific job and company environment before you even interview them.

Easy To Use

Echovate™ guides you through each step of the process. You don’t need to be an expert- it’s a simple and intuitive process.

Built For Small Business

Echovate™ has been built from the ground up to empower small businesses to act like BIG companies by providing access to the type of tools and data that are utilized by the most respected and successful brands in the world.

Cloud Platform

Echovate™ is a 100% cloud solution - no software installation - and accessible from any device in the Universe. Security Included.

Easy, Understandable Monthly Pricing

Simple and transparent pricing with no hidden fees or fine print.

Unlimited Candidates

Unlimited Jobs

Unlimited Users

Affordable pricing starting at $49/ month. Yes that is right.

in your company,
for Improved Talent Selection.

Advisors, Investors and Leadership


Jesse Harriott, Ph.D.

Chief Analytics Officer at Constant Contact. Former Chief Knowledge Officer at Monster.com.


Dan Walker

Human Capital Rebel, Builder of Great Companies. Former Chief Talent Officer Apple, Gap, JC Penney.


Steve Pogorzelski

Former President @ Monster, Founder/ CEO @ClickFuel


Matthew Gough

CEO @ Echovate, 5x entrepreneur, Fortune 500 sales, exit in 2005, solid startup experience, focused and innovative. Solving a real problem.

What We Are Not

  • A skills testing product
  • A background checking company
  • A reference checking company
  • An applicant tracking system
  • Although we may partner with providers like that one day

What We Are

  • A tool that will have a meaningful impact on your company performance
  • A bunch of hard working, dedicated game changers trying to make an impact
  • Also a small business
  • Open to thoughts, feedback and stories ideas@echovate.com

About Echovate™

The name- A blend between echo-location (feedback) and root word ‘vate’ (innovate, motivate, cultivate) meaning to move forward. Echovate™- through feedback a business leader can make forward movement.

Any business leader is in the people business (no matter what industry) and people are the backbone that determines company success. Our belief is that every business should have access to the type of tools and data that are utilized by the most respected and successful brands in the world. So we started Echovate to empower small businesses.